Money Loan for your car in 24 Hours

The company Godochele offers loans of money in exchange for the applicant to place his car as collateral, that is, to put the car as collateral until the moment he returns the amount of money borrowed

Now, if you do not have a car or do not want to pawn it, you can find other interest-free loans here The applicant does not have to deliver or transfer his car to Godochele, but he will continue using it as before. This type of loans is not only granted to individuals but can also be used by SMEs or self-employed workers.

Why do you have the motto Money for your car?

Why do you have the motto Money for your car?

Because unlike other lenders, Godochele the only thing that requires to give you a loan of money is that you put your car as a guarantee that you will fulfill your obligation to return it.

There are other similar companies, that in exchange for leaving your car in deposit, they grant you a credit, but always taking as reference the value of the car.

What are the advantages of Godochele?

What are the advantages of Godochele?
  • It has the backing or guarantee of belonging to the Donasco group
  • Godochele to offer you the service of money for your car gives you two options: You can continue using your car paying a small rent while the loan lasts or leave it in deposit while the credit contract lasts saving you the rent and recovering when you return the borrowed money without having to pay interest.
  • They do not take into account whether or not figures as a bad payer in listings such as Financial Credit Institutions or Rai.
  • Comply with current legislation, signing financial transactions before a notary
  • You do not need to present other types of endorsements or properties to approve the credit
  • They have delegations in almost all the provinces of Spain with which it is very easy to establish contact with them
  • They give you the money in less than 24 hours since the agreement is signed

How do you get a loan for your car with Godochele?

How do you get a loan for your car with Godochele?
  1. You enter your official website by clicking here where you will find all the necessary information to get money for your car.
  2. Fill the application or online form with your personal and contact information, as well as car data (mara and model)
  3. They contact you to proceed with the appraisal of the vehicle (which will depend on the amount of money they will lend you)
  4. If you approve it you can get up to 10,000 euros (depending on the appraisal of your car)
  5. Once approved and signed, they give you the money in less than 24 hours
  6. Gedes car offers you the possibility to continue driving it for a rent amount or to leave it in deposit.
  7. The car will be yours again when you return the money you gave to put your car as collateral

Credit for your Donasco car: Requirements

Credit for your Donasco car: Requirements
  • The car has to be less than 10 years old
  • Must have the current ITV
  • You have to be listed as the owner of the car
  • You must not have domain reservation.
  • Present the vehicle’s technical sheet (which is where all the technical characteristics of the vehicle appear)
  • Permission to circulate as a demonstration document that is your property.
  • Reside in the peninsula or in the Balearics

Godochele reviews

On the subject of opinions on this company of granting loans with the car as a guarantee, there is still not much published, I have seen from very positive opinions to others that were not entirely happy. It is best to get in touch with them to know exactly how is the credit for your car and then I would appreciate it if you published your experience here.

Conclusions of the loan for your car

Conclusions of the loan for your car

With Godochele you can get money for your car and continue using it for the duration of the contract in exchange for a small rent.

The loan offered by Godochele is free , you will not have to pay interest, at the time you return the amount they lent you, the car will be yours again. You sell the car for an offer that you have made based on the appraisal made on the vehicle and you buy it back at the time you want, while Godochele can rent it for you to continue using it.


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